District Growth

Growth Projections

Little Elm ISD’s enrollment in 2016-2017 was 7,382 students.

The District expects an increase of approximately 900 students in the next five years and 1,485 students over the next 10 years.


7,375 students

1st Quarter 2017


8,370 students


9,098 students

Demographic reports indicate that Little Elm ISD has a high number of home sales each year, ranking it 7th among school districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Continued new home sales brings potential for new students to enroll in Little Elm ISD.


To view quarterly growth reports for Little Elm ISD, click here.


To accommodate the growth, the 2017 bond package includes funds to:


  • Purchase Land for Future School Sites
  • Construct 2 Middle Schools
  • A new middle school
  • A replacement school for Lakeside Middle School
  • Convert 2 Existing Campuses to K-5 schools
  • Prestwick STEM Academy
  • Colin Powell Sixth Grade Center


The two middle schools and campus conversions would give Little Elm ISD the capacity to satisfy the 10-year growth projections for the District.

Read more about these projects on the Growth and School Renovations page.