Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee

Little Elm ISD Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee Photo

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The LRFPC Maxim must be, “The needs of our children
will always outweigh the wants of adults.”

Development of the November 2017 bond proposal involved an in-depth process of information gathering, research, and community input.


The District’s Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee met six times to develop a response to the District’s anticipated growth and other aging and evolving facility needs. The Committee then studied growth projections, a district-wide facilities assessment, financial data, results of a community-wide survey, and more. This process – and all the information reviewed – led the Committee to make a  recommendation to the Board of Trustees.


The LRFPC is comprised of parents, community members, and a mix of backgrounds and geographic representation.


To view the LRFPC website and a list of committee members, click here.